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Re(1): english 3

English 3

The crucible
Anticipation/reaction guide

Statement - courage means doing something even though it can be difficult and fearsome.
Opinion - In my own personal opinion , I believe this statement is true . Courage does mean doing something , not because of difficulty level, but because it has moral value to the person doing the corageous deed. Whether that moral value is because it is right , or it is simply what you believe in ,is up to the one who does the deed. For example- everyday there is a kid who will stand up to a bully, because he knows that he can't keep taking crap from the kid just because he's bigger .

A wise person once said,' fear leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.'
Usually for people, courage means facing the danger, or doing thing at the risk of your life. Even doing a small thing can be courageous like assuming your act for example you brake a table at your house and you know that your mother will punish you she will punish you.

Supporting your own ideas , and beliefs even thought you are alone , or everybody is against you is also courageous. Another example is that you are 10 at a meeting table and we are doing a vote for if what color blue and you are the only one who voted for the color purple. Even that action was courageous because even though you know you lost you still supported your idea which was choosing purple as the color of the company logo. Or the girl that wear hijab in a society where the hijab is seen as something negative . Courage also means doing the right thing even though it is easier to do the wrong thing.
Like another example you have a company and yourconcurrent is making more money than you . You sell almost the same product with the best quality then him the only difference is that he is making a benefice of $ 850 and you $ 100 you could do the same thing as him but you want to be a honest job and sell your product for a honest price even though your company is about to fail.
Courage as well mean to be calm even though he is in the most difficult moment he stays normal at any situation. For istant of your family members or your close friend dies you can be depressed and upset for weeks or you can be courageous and move on .

Being courageous is not only about doing big thing like facing the danger alone or risking your life . A person can be courageous in many ways whether it is mental or physical. The fact that makes an action courageous is that you do what you believe without taking care of the opinion of the others.


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