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English essay

Vicente Lopez
Mrs. Mitchell
English III, period 4
Jan 21,2016

The statement I am going to be writing about is “courage means doing something even though it can be difficult and fearsome” I personally take an interest in this statement because I agree with it so much. I would not call my self-courage’s person or even brave person. I can say that I would much better to prefer to blend in with the crowd. To never have the spotlight or even be noticed by people in less I wanted them to acknowledge me. Now I am not sure if this is a normal reaction or not to agree with something you are the complete opposite of or it is I being weird. Whatever the circumstance this is right now I admire if not that appreciate the statement. I am sure the reason I feel so strongly about it is because I cannot do it even though I find it so true and extremely simple to follow and do. I am not saying that to have courage or show it is easy but for me to tell the difference of which is what in a situation is easy as in “am I being brave and just do what needs to be done” or “ I can do it I just have to confront them but instead I stall and make different scenarios and circumstances” they block my thinking and better judgment and to give me fake satisfaction as if I actually accomplished something in the end my situation is still the same or even worse then it started. Now I am one of these people that I am about to mention so you may say “you do not understand what I have to do is hard you do not get where I am coming from nor can you relate. I say though each situation is unique in there own way there can be similar factors everything I have out here though it is vague it is actually things and experiences from my life. To get into details I will share an experience I think may convince you to how absolute this statement is, if not maybe you can emphasize with me and see from my point of view how true this applies to not just me but to an variety of people. There is literary one main point to this story and that is to have courage. It starts out that I need to confront a particular individual and ask them a question that would impact me seriously at the moment not life or death but important to me. Honestly at my age most people are self-absorbed so all I can think of is how the end of this would go for me and only taking that to factor. So that made me fearful of what may happen so of course I avoided it as long as I could possibly could. I would like to quote something from the statement “even though it can be difficult and fearsome” so courage is overcoming that fear”. Instead of wasting my time and keep investing it into something I keep avoiding just get the courage and do it. When you look at the long run all that time I have wasted when if I could have just shown courage and got my answer short and simple. I will repeat I agree with this statement again because in my experiences it is true and that can be applied in other aspects also.


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