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CP English 3/ Per 1

David Alamillo
CP English3/Per1
21 January,2016

"Right and Wrong"

At a very young age not many people are being taught the valuable rules and life lessons in society. Shure it's fine to do a mistake or do something wrong when you are young and just begining to process things in the mind. However I feel if you attempt to do something wrong when you are older it is not no one else is fault except it is on you. No one is always going to be by your side telling you from right to wrong, as you get older you do not get as many chances as you did when you are younger, so make wise decisions and the right choice.
People do not understand how somethings in life can leave you a scar you will remember and never forget. Sure it is not easy to choose the right side, however think of what the good's which will come out of it knowing you made the right choice. You may not be able to do the things you truly want and can prevent you from doing things you have been dying to do, however rules are their to protect you and make sure nothing happens to you and this is the right choice.
It is common sense of what's wrong, which is things you know you should not do. For example if a random person comes up to you and ask you if you want to smoke, you maybe thinking it's bad for you, however they say all the cool people do it and if you do not do it they would think you are not cool, so you assume this assumption they said and take it. This is the problem, you know it's wrong, however you take it anyways. You should not let know one tell you what to do, especially if it can effect you in the future and it can effect your health, which is one of the effects of choosing the wrong side. You are not just helping the life of you,you are also helping out the family of you and everyone around you as well since you are not putting no one at risk. Especially towards first hand smoking and second hand smoking.
Choosing the right decision will not just lead you towards a better life, however towards a better future as well. Not choosing the wrong side can help you lead to better things, such as a education, and in the education you get you can earn a good paying job which will provide you with money, just enough to live off of and to start the new chapter in the life you have. The right side will always have good benefits provided, even if it means to sacrafice something or to give up on something too. These sacrafices though will pay off in the end, and I know you may not always get something back in return, however sometimes knowing you did the right thing will help you feel good in the heart and this is sometimes what will matter the most. People may not always go to the route their suppose to, however it is what you believe,even though you know it might hurt you in the end.

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