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The Crucible

"The difference between right and wrong is clear." I strongly disagree with this statement because of relativism. "What is right for me may not be right for you", knowing what right is can only be relative to what other people will think would be wrong. Their are so many ways to interpret everything, from politics to socialism. You can argue that democracy may be the best form of government, but others may think that communism is a far more superior government than democracy. Which one is right? They both have their pros and cons but to say which one is right does depend on the context of culture or time period. Their is no good measure of good or bad. Am example of this unclarity would be the invasion of Japan near the end of World War II. Their was 2 possible choices that the U.S. may have taken to invade Japan, A) to organize a large man invasion from the shores across the island destroying everything at their path or B) Strategically deploy 2 atomic bombs in precise locations to end the war quickly and swiftly. Which one is right? Here we have no right answers, only two options. As history plays out, it was decided to go with option B. Heavy debate whether which choice was better caused this course of action to be very controversial. This choice was seen as the lesser of the two evils... at the time. As we reflect back to this historic event, we today believe it was wrong for us to consider dropping the bombs in the first place. Now who is still right? That's why it is unclear that their is a right or wrong answer. Their is no clear distinction between them both and even so, they are subjected to the culture or time period. Now speaking away from relativism, what is right and what is wrong: Chocolate or vanilla? Which one is the right flavor? Or how about this: Soccer or Football? How can someone be wrong with these questions? it is unclear to know what is right. A personal example of this would be my conflict with my parents. They believed that me sitting in front of my computer is unhealthy for me, for which I argued otherwise. Is it right for me to sit in front of my computer all the time or are my parents wrong for assuming so? Many people will side with my parents because it is rumored that it can damage the eyes. Ironically, I did have a red eye during this argument with my parents. But to our surprise, the computer wasn't at fault but rather the sun was the main cause for my infection. So does that make me right to sit in front of my computer all day? No, their are pros and cons for sitting in front of the computer, and I understand all of the consequences. So their was no real clear indicator to say which one of us were wrong or right. So to say the difference between right or wrong is always is clear is false.


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