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I agree with this statement because it takes a lot of courage to do certain things. The definition of courage is the ability to do something that frightens one. There are many everyday across of courage. The courage to take responsibility of your actions, the courage to live with integrity, the courage to challenge yourself, the courage to speak up, and the courage to be a leader.

For example, the courage of taking responsibility. You can't always control your circumstances,but you can choose how to respond to them. Sometimes in life you have to face some challenges and make hard life decisions that may affect you later one. Other words that can be referred to as a leader is power and control.
Also, you can have courage in yourself by challenging different stories. You can have courage to question the assumptions and beliefs that people have you belief, but you can also start having your mind to alternative perspectives. This can open new responsible for yourself and your life. Being able to challenge yourself can be a wonderful thing.

The statement says courage can be difficult and fear some, and I think this has to do with the courage to speaking up because you shouldn't hold in your opinion , even though it can be scary sometimes but you have to. Your feelings and thoughts can engage a conversation. After all, speaking up shows dignity of others and building trust in relationships. The courage of letting go is similar to speaking up because you can voice your opinion on letting go things. People hold grudges all the time but if you talk about it , you'll end up forgiving.

Another sign of courage can be the courage can be you being a leader. People have everyday opportunities to be a leader, for example a job , sport , and school. To inspire one to do things or move in that direction. You can learn from leaders all the time. By being a leader you are capable of leading the world in a future with possibilities.

As you can see , I listed, and explained what I believe about courage. I am writing in a formal style to the readers interesting in the topic of courage.

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