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English essay

Miguel Arias
English 3 CP P.4
21 January, 2016
ďThat Which Doesnít Destroy Us Makes Us StrongerĒ

As far as I can remember, I always thoughty this saying was incredibly moronic. Mainly because it isnít entirely true and applies to a certain amount of people, even then few people truly understands what this expression actually means. To some people, this common expression isnít very true. For example, the victims of bullying can be a good example of this statement since they go through a lot that can affect their future greatly whether positively or very negatively. this expression states that whatever doesnít kill you makes you more stronger and therefore immune to something else that could potentially kill you. Which I thought was absurd because whatever doesnít kill you could also cripple you greatly making you weaker. For instance, those who were bullied could be crippled both physically or mentally when it comes to being harassed constantly which makes them weaker. There are quite a lot of cases in which victims of bullying do pull through and go on to do great things but this isnít true for some people who do end up harming themselves. It defeats the purpose of this saying. Not only does this saying not apply for the victims of bullying but also to those who are abused domestically. Even if they do get through it theyíll always feel vulnerable and afraid. Again this does not apply to all who suffer from domestic violence but it does apply to a large number of victims. This is a pretty common saying and I can see how it applies to a large amount of people and how many can live their everyday lives by this, but personally I donít really believe in it. Personally, Iíve always thought that is sort of a lazy expression. To me it seems like if you survive this you can do this which doesnít make sense but also does make sense. Itís very primitive to me because itís very similar to the effect karma in the sense that if you do this you get this. Itís seems like something youíd say to a child to make them stop throwing a fit. I understand what this expression means which is if you can conquer something you can conquer something else and so on and so forth, but it doesnít seem that logical to me. Thatís not entirely how things work in a more realistic sense but if this is how you think then maybe being that optimistic can get you somewhere but if youíre more of a realist thinker that itís obvious that this isnít exactly true. The true form of this expression is just optimism and nothing else. For some people itís difficult to see the bright side of things but to those who do, they are the fortunate ones. Most people who go by this expression, are usually handle things more better than those who so the realistic side of things.

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