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Re(8): NCO Aircrew

A high percentage of those (OFF & SNCO's)with whom I flew on 'A' 1966-72 were "good guys". Notable exception was a certain FLT LT Captain when were in Townsville told us he & the Nav.would do flight planning & he would arrange rations for the return trip, FENG & Boggie were to do refuel & Loadie to supervise loading (wow), When Captain returned he informed us that he had ordered frozos for the officers and sambo's for the SNCO's. During thet flight Captain reduest lunch of a steak meal. I presented him a ncely presented meal tray with a still frozen steak. When he complained, I said that we didn't have an oven as all were taken for exercise - as discussed at original briefing. He then said "I'll have one of those sandwiches, to which ENg & I replied "sorry sir they were SNCO's sandwiches and we've eaten all of them" He was a non drinker & non smoker so had to rely on coffee for the trip to RIC. No I didn't even put band aids soaked with tomato sauce in his coffees.
(This time). This coffee treatment was normally reserved for boggies.

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