At one point in time, Misty Mountain stood opposite of Rainbow Cliff, and these rose to the sky as the only peaks in Blossom Forest. Since the magical change of the land, an entire chain of peaks rose from the bowels of the earth to become the Culter Unlaeddod - the Teeth of the Gods. Misty Mountain is still of the peaks, but many others exist as well. They run from north to south, from east to west. Atop some of the peaks, snow covers them year round, making the paths slippery and hazardous. Others are lower in altitude and are extremely humid, covered in thick, dense forests with mists swirling between each of the trunks. Others still are bare - naked boulders rising and falling haphazardly.

These chains of peaks do connect many of the packs, and they hold many things to explore - forbidden forests, deep and mysterious caves, beautiful scenic cliffs. However, one must have care - if you fall, it is a long, long, long way down...

Due to the varying terrains, many prey options are available. For those scared of injury, you may find ptarmigans, ravens, crows, squirrels, dormice, or rabbits. The adults hunting alone can find mountain goats... but for those hunting in a pack, there are elk, moose, and Bighorn Sheep.




Akranos was greeted by a glance from Farant, but that in itself was more than what he would have gotten back in the kingdom. He burly frame backed away letting the lithe frame of his beloved sister take front and center. He basked in the light that shone from her accomplishments, or at least that’s what he thought. Eerie did not allow it really, but she had built such a buttressed façade of lies around him that he knew no different. He zoned into his thoughts allowing Farant to speak freely to his sister, and if there was one thing the brute noticed it was attention the King paid to his sister. It was an honor to their family. Akranos sat at attention as a rustle of brush alerted him to the rise of another kalak presence. Daer. The brute had been alongside him once he had proven himself capable of Farant’s army. His rank had been aligned with that of Akranos, but he appreciated the brotherhood. If one could call it that. But the next three were none to be trifled with. Second litter of Farant himself—Fatalia, Beiro, and Alaro. The trio was an odd bunch. The vampire Alaro to clean up the mess, Beiro was a killing machine of high caliber and Fatalia a lady. At least on the surface, but she was just as deadly as Eerie.


Fiery fur shone in the filtered light above, her burned stilts bending to her master, Farant. Her voice offering no compensation for the knowledge she held, until Farant compelled her to speak. Eerie, my dear, you are beautiful as you are lethal. The same killer smile crossed her features, a sparkle in her eye. Farant would be the only one to pull her away from her duties, for breeding purposes of course. Tell me of Caspian's pack, have you had sight of my future mate yet, this elusive Katia? And tell me... Where are Shae, Akuji, and Harries? Where are they hiding? I'm sure they will be... Excited to see me? The deep rumbling purr, was returned by a small giggle. A soft purr rumbled from her maw. The sound was as deadly as her bite. Shae is swelling with Caspian’s pups and your elusive Queen Katia remains to be chased by Akuji. And Harries legacy merely remains through the multitudes of weak hearted feas his seed managed to root within. And surprisingly they all remain to be placed in Cold Summers, though last I saw Akuji headed towards Munashii with his daughter Shasta in pursuit of another kalak who resided there. One I still have yet to gain suitable information on. But I should say the family will be surprised to have this reunion, so quickly. a light laugh escaped her maw once more before dipped her crown to her master and sidled towards a slightly off center area.

Her chocolate pools watched the arrival of more soldiers. The first of which was Tormund. The only kalak she’d known to be accepted among the ranks who was not sired or resided in Farant’s kingdom beforehand. He paid no mind to Eerie or her brother and paid only similar submissions to Farant before backing away to his own place. And shortly behind him the ghost of Daer strode into the arena. His head dipped to Farant and small nod was given to the others like her as well. But there was very little attention to give as the trio strolled into the clearing, competing with each other as they always did. Beiro and Fatalia danced to the drum of murder, and Alero was the diluted medic who cleaned up the mess until no piece of the victim remained. The deadliest group of siblings around. Eerie almost felt a faint jealousy of their bond. But she enjoyed, too much, the high she received from the dumbness of her brother. But Akranos knew them more than she. Among the group she was the only assassin at Farant’s disposal. Now, my children, tell your dear father what you have learned of the lands and of my prize... Or should I say prizes. the blood boiling smile lifted her kissers once again. There was nothing more pleasurable to the lady of espionage than the sound of Farant’s rumbling voice. Having said her peace she remained quiet, until it occurred to her that she recognized the male who Akuji had sought out. Horizon The herculean of a kalak used to serve her master and the royals that now roamed this land.

The male who Akuji sought out for Shasta, is one you would know well. Horizon. The same child who once served Akuji, Shae and Harries. He seems to have appeared contrary to what was originally proposed. He survived and is now residing in Munashii Gekko. her voice held a calm note, but was strong enough to gain the attention of her master. She bodice had risen before she spoke, to gain a viewing attention but sat back down with a quick bow after Eerie said her peace.

E is for E N T I C I N G

||Eerie|| ||Seductress|| ||Seducing the Weak Minded|| ||Alesana||


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