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One must ask how this person was allowed to re-enlist in the ADF after a relatively early career, discharge, and what are the selection criteria for the QLD Candidate for Australian Of The Year? LtGen Morrison is surely pulling dragon fangs from his hand that fed McGregor.¯ Seems he/she¯ has a long history of disloyalty and of using the media for public insult and vilification. The $25000 that the ADF had to pay compensation to one of his/her victims should have been taken from his/her¯ salary.

From Federal Hansard 20 May 1996 Page 769

Senator CRICHTON-BROWNE (7.55 p.m.) — I rise briefly to respond too an article published in the Australian Financial Review by a bit-part journalist by the name of Malcolm McGregor. It was written some months ago and it has only been brought to my attention. Mr McGregor referred to me as a Tammany-Hall thug. It seems to me that these days political journalists seem to think that they have a licence to write how they like without regard for truth, honesty or decency. By and large, I have shrugged-off and ignored these ill-informed prejudiced bigots who have written much about me in the past 12 months, but this man deserves some special response.

Mr McGregor is a well-known political carpetbagger and political prostitute who sells his dirty tricks, his political smears and his grubby practices to whoever is silly enough to cross his palm with corrupted silver. No doubt, the Labor Party has had its own experiences with Mr McGregor; however, having worked for them, he was employed by the federal secretariat of the Liberal Party. The Liberal Party got what you would expect when you deal with such people; they got a liar and a thief.

No doubt, the Senate will recall that on 18 May 1994 Dr John Hewson, then the leader of the Liberal Party, was interviewed by Kerry O'Brien on the ABC program Lateline. What was significant about that interview was that Dr Hewson was ambushed by O'Brien with secret Liberal Party research which was greatly damaging to Dr Hewson and to the Liberal Party, to which he had previously not been privy.

At first the Liberal Party secretariat talked darkly about break-ins at the secretariat and such sinister goings-on. However, the morning following the interview, one Mr Malcolm McGregor went to Mr Andrew Robb, the federal director of the Liberal Party, to say that obviously he would be under suspicion. However, he wanted to give his personal promise and undertaking to Mr Robb that he had not stolen or leaked the material. Of course, Mr McGregor was able to access the material because at that time he was employed in the federal secretariat.

What did subsequent events demonstrate? They demonstrated that Mr Malcolm McGregor stole the material and passed it on to the media either directly or indirectly for the purpose and intention of damaging the Liberal Party, the party which was paying him for its services. There was subsequent nonsense talk about the research being received behind the back of a menu in a restaurant and some other such nonsense. However, the truth is that Mr McGregor stole material from his employer. That is the man who has the audacity and the cheek to talk about me as a Tammany-Hall thug.

I conclude by saying that Mr McGregor has never met me, he has never spoken to me and he has never had cause to report one single fact of truth about me. However, those of us who move in these circles know that truth is not one of Mr McGregor's stocks-in-trade.


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