Big big winners Saturday night at Laca Dania Jai-alai Blast I

There were no big winners Saturday night at the Laca Dania Jai-alai Watch and Wager I party.

With some hard core jai-alai fans packing the room for the 8-game, 10pm evening performance at Dania Jai-alai, I believe no one walked out a winner for the night.

Those in attendance included fellow Puryear players George, Kullster, Armando, Julio, Anthony, Thomas, and Ricky.

With recliner sets, betting slips, programs, an 80" high def TV, plenty of food including chili, sandwiches from Mazarro's, shrimp ####tails, King crab legs and their favorite ####tails all going, two announcers on the all singles performance live gave the feeling you were right there.

Betting was 100% legal, all done on the Watch and Wager account. Laca was simply only a bank, where his account actually ran dry. The high pool totals that night (even as noted by someone on Tigers site!) were in part of the heavy betting here!!!

Special thanks to Ricky who was the ticket puncher for the 2 1/2 hour performance. Julio was late to the party (we know why!) so Ricky had to take over his job as ticket puncher.

Sorry I messed a call from Benny at 9:30pm that night who was checking in to see if we were going to be watching. I was dealing blackjack at that time, where players had a little better luck.

The new expanded museum was also open for the late arriving crowd/ The jai-alai part of the museum has been doubled in size and there has been 3 new separate rooms built and expanded on the west side of the garage.

Note - I can't believe Boards2Go blocked out the word ####tails! How dare they!

The first party of its type in over 2 years at Laca's where live jai-alai betting is allowed was held on Gasparilla Day - an event in Tampa that draws hundreds of thousands - to keep the crowd at Laca's low in order to work out the bugs. With only 5 minutes between games, our own betting lines were long too. Any bigger crowds would have required two computers going at the same time, and I am not sure if Watch and Wager will allow that on the same account. Anybody know?


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