Re(1): G.T.M.R. 2016

check out bogs & fast track rules & compare: Class #1 Super Stock BOG (0-35 DOT Tire Class) Max 35" Cuts or DOT ($50 Entry) 1st $500 2nd $300 3rd $200 4th $50 This class is intended for trucks and Jeeps that have been slightly modified for competition but still utilize mostly stock components. They need not be street legal, but they should appear streetable. Any engine, frame or body combination allowed. **FLOATER OR ‘SLIDE’ REAR ENDS NOW ALLOWED- New for 2015 ENGINE: 500 Cubic Inch limit. * Allow aftermarket blocks, big or small. No Tunnel rams, Sheet metal intakes. Any carburetor. No multiple carburetors. No injection, blower, turbos, or superchargers (unless OEM stock) OEM iron block, OEM injection, OEM heads and after market conventional steel heads allowed. No unconventional or aluminum heads (only in factory OEM setup) DRIVETRAIN: Engine must be located forward of the driver and surrounded by body panels. Allow 3 link / ladder bars on front only. 36” traction bar allowed. Maximum 4 contact points, and 2 bars max. Engine must be within 2” from centerline of the front axle to the #1 side face of the head. OEM transfer cases only. OEM transmissions only. Transmission blanket and flywheel shield require Must have all 4 working brakes at the wheels. OEM frame only (no tube or home-made frames) frames may be cut and replaced, but retain factory appearance. No lightening or severe notching. Must retain 3 OEM width cross members. Must have u-joint shields, and driveshaft loops. Minimum 1 loop per shaft located on the most forward half of each drive shaft. BODY: OEM Full vehicle body (no sheet metal bodies) No narrowing of the body. Body/Frame swaps allowed, must match wheelbase. Min 4pt. rollcage, 1.5 inch .120 wall mild steel or equivalent. Must tie to frame or 4" x 4" plates. Must retain factory firewall and floor pans and full bodies. Minimum firewall modification for engine clearance only, must replace with factory equivalent material. Seat must be no more than 84” from center of front axle to bottom of seat back. Fiberglass hoods allowed. Body trimming allowed for tire clearance only. Interior components may be removed, inner bed floor and inner sides may be removed, no severe bedside bobbing. The center of the front axle shall be inside the front wheel well opening. Doors may be gutted. Cab will not be gutted. Removal of double wall inner cab metal OK if truck has 6 pt. cage and deemed safe by track official. Radiators may be relocated, but must be completely shielded from driver. Mini trucks and mini SUV small block maximum. Full size trucks (small or big block) Pump gas or race fuel only, no alcohol. No center steer.

Fast track :
Super Stock *Fast Track (Entry $60.00) 500.00 – 300.00 – 200.00 – 60.00 1. Vehicles must have a 4 point harness 2. No tire modifications 3. Must use factory frame and suspension. Limited suspension modifications – Ladder bars & performance shocks are legal. 4. Must have factory steel cab with windshield or lexan, firewall and floor pan. Fiberglass front clip ok. 5. Open top vehicles must have minimum 6 point roll cage and arm restraints. No exceptions!!!!!!! 6. You may have dash modification, but must run 6 point cage 7. Body must maintain factory exterior panels with the exception of the tailgate. 8. Engine must remain in factory position No dual carbs. No fuel injections or turbos – factory only. No blowers, No alcohol, gas only. 9. Drive shaft loops are mandatory on all drive shafts 10.Aftermarket ignition is allowed. Aftermarket heads are also allowed. Must have factory engine block 11.Must have fire extinguisher 12.Must follow general rules 13.No riders in any vehicle while in competition 14.Clean trucks only on back to back races. No loose objects in vehicle such as spare tire or toolbox etc. 15.Hookup: Swinging chains are not legal; you must have a 3” eye on front and rear to hook to. If there is not a sufficient hook up you will be asked to hook it up yourself. The next event you may be disqualified. 16.Kill switch for class 3 and up must be in arms reach of driver while belted in vehicle. 17.Cubic inch limit is 500ci.


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