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Re(4): Competition clues

MARvellous powers of observation there Andrew - completely passed me by, but how feasible. We should have a better idea in three weeks' time.
On the competition front - but not wishing to be overly contentious here - I am also prompted to ask: In each competition, how much weight is given to the name at the foot of the entry vis-a-vis the content of the entry itself? Clearly the democratic CCCWC contests are unimpeachable - which may indeed contribute to the occasional 'raised eyebrow' winner. But of the other comps, are any judged as scrupulously fairly as e.g. John Green's approach to the Listener entries?
I ask because I can't help but notice the same names cropping up in the winner/VHC lists of several clue competitions. Do those names rise to the top because the name carries sufficient weight to warrant particularly close scrutiny of the submission in question? Or, do the more savvy entrants tailor the style of their entries to the known whims of the adjudicator (perhaps giving rise to the situation noted by Andrew in his observation that entries can end up being "absurdly convoluted, self-consciously clever and effete"). I know of a couple of people who have stopped entering clue competitions because of suspected croneyism, so it would be interesting to hear, for various competitions, the degree to which judging of entries is detached from the identity of the entrants.


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