Re(1): My cat urinates and defecates in my kitchen

Dear Charles;

Oh dear. What an un-wanted problem. But how to solve it?
Take a look at our main page. On it you will see a section about "Cat Care." Click on that section and you will see an article entitled "Litter Box Mistakes." It attempts to run down the answers to why these "mistakes" happen and how to correct them.
Usually, it is because something has changed -- something your kitty does not like. Has anything affecting her changed? Is she quite healthy? She is getting on in age, you know, and something could be sending her the wrong messages. How about taking her to her vet, along with a sample of her excretions? The vet may come up with some useful answers.
Otherwise, I can only suggest blocking the place she favors for her social errors, and try to figure out what is up with this dear old gal (who is driving you nuts, of course.)
Good luck and best wishes -- please let me know how things develop.

-- Dear Tabby

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