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still freaking here

Name: Kobato
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Pack and Rank: No Pack/ No Rank
Mate: Vladya
Offspring: Brielle
Color / eyes: Beautiful light tri-colored desert rose pelt with toffee eyes

Name: Kenshin
Age: uhh... adult.
Gender: Male
Pack and Rank: Was in Abendrot but is about to go find Kahlan; so no pack and no rank
Mate: ...Kahlan...sort of
Offspring: n/a
Color / eyes: Dark brindled black and brown with x shaped scar across left cheek; amber eyes lined with russet

Name: NeMO
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Pack and Rank: About to head over to Abendrot; no pack/ no rank
Mate: Ghost
Offspring: n/a
Color / eyes: White. wow. with russet eyes lined with quicksilver

Name: Brielle
Age: pupling born to Kobato x Vladya
Gender: female
Pack and Rank: LOL NOPE
Mate: will be with Aok
Offspring: n/a
Color / eyes: Mix of arctic white with tri colored; has her daddy's pyrite eyes

Name: Romulus
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Pack and Rank: Malignant if it's still alive & no
Mate: well...Eriel... sort of
Offspring: None that he knows the names of
Color / eyes: Maned wolf; red and black with NO EYES BECAUSE KIKI IS A CRAZY MOFO

I think that's all. Sorry. I'm still alive <3

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