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Re(3): ADF Combat Rations

Bob we have always got rations from Tassie. we used to take a full load of ammo to Hobart and it was replaced with ration paks. Some on e has done a deal to have the rations made up in NZ. maybe they have a mommahad who blesses them for the military.
Tony, we have to make a noise to help our serving troops. we had the good life with none of this bullshit. we need to mark the idiots who are pushing the barrow and keep jumping on them as veterans.
Mick, the shiela,no muslim with the headdress on has already made a lot of trouble for the ADF,maybe she has a finger in this pie.
As you can see I am furious about how our ADF is bowing to the leftus clowns. Bob Pearman


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