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English 5-6 American Realism Of Mice and Men

"Women today are more often treated by men as equals rather than object"
I completely disagree with this statement. Women are still constantly objectified, raped, and shamed. First, we are paid less than men for the same, if not more work. Therefore, suggesting that we are less than a man, making us less than human and more of an object. Women today are constantly being objectified by men, viewing them for their bodies and catcalling them. It's so bad even other females are doing it to each other. There is shaming and objectifying within our own groups, we should come together and love one another, not tear each other down. Rape is still a common and horrific thing happening everywhere. Why is this? This is because women are viewed as objects used for a man's pleasure instead of what they really are, people. People with thoughts, emotions, and opinions. Lastly they are consistently getting shamed. Slut shaming and bullying has become so ridiculous, it happens within female groups as well. Girls are calling other girls sluts or bully in them for their looks, styles, or life choices. Within media alone in order to sell things or advertise things for whatever girls are always half naked and the males are clothed more often then not. I invite you take a look through a magazine or look around at advertisements, and you will see how radically different it is. Just look at the selling of undergarments. Men's undergarments are barely advertised but when they are it is about comfort. When females undergarments are advertised they are half naked models in weird positions doing unnatural things walking around in things designed for looks not comfort. This happens because all anyone sees in a woman is her appearance. They don't look at a woman as they do a man and think, "She must be really smart, I wonder what she thinks, I wonder how talented she is, I wonder what she can do?" Instead you look at a woman and think, "Is her waist small enough, is she pretty, how's her make up, does she have big boobs or a big butt, does she have a flat stomach?" It has gotten so bad that girls do this to themselves. The views of people in general need to change, there should always be a mutual respect and a degree of indifference, worry about yourself don't pay attention to the others around you. Woman are looked at as objects, things to be acquired, not people, those who have desires.


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