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I am at a loss

I can't decide on a character, but worse than that is I don't really have any ideas for one. I was looking at trying to pick a character that was within my style of obscure and malleable that I could frame as a villain. (Mostly because our biggest issue on SHSD was that we could never seem to hold onto bad guy characters, which made fights kinda hard.) I was also looking for a fandango character, since we seem to be in need of those as well.

My must successful character was Surge, though there were also many failed attempts at a handful of other characters. I'm still trying to decide on who to join as, trying to decide on a character I can see a future with.

It probably doesn't help that I haven't read many comics lately. I've been collecting Fight Club 2 and the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers that just came out last month. XD


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