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English 5-6 American Realism Of Mice and Men

"Being rich is more important than having close friends."

This is awful and wrong in so many ways. Being rich means you have stuff and money and at the end of the day that doesn't matter. Those who believe money is everything clearly have never had a real connection with someone and never felt loved, or got really hurt in their life. That doesn't mean they should just give up what makes us human. Without our humanity we are nothing. Without our humanity we are no better than a robot or a mindless creature. When your on your death bed you are not going to look back and say, "look at all the money and stuff I have." You are going to want to look back and say, "look at all the great people I had in my life, look at all the memories we made, and the things we did." You are going to want to look back and appreciate the memories made, the people you made them with, and the things you did. When you do die and you have a funeral, no amount of money is going to show up to your funeral. People, friends, family, loved ones show up to funerals, not inanimate objects. A piece of paper that has really no value at all, it is just an abstract concept that we have assigned a physical body to. Money is not real. The connections you make with a person, the moments you have, and the feelings you feel with in those moments, those things are real. No amount of money will love and care for you, like a person can and will. Only people and human connections can cause that. Without people you won't get very far, no one person can do everything. People need people to build change and evolve, without people you cannot find yourself. It is through others that your find yourself. Human beings are social creatures we need to socialize and interact. Being social creatures without that we become depressed and our mental state drastically changes in a negative way. All in all people need people, to live, connect, feel and live life to the fullest. Without people there is not life, without people you have no connection and no thoughts, feeling, love. Without people you are not people.


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