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Evil, orange, psychic rabbit (screenplay format)

In 97 or 98 I read a trilogy of fan/spec scripts, all by one writer. Each had the "theme" of a color.

One script I have no memory of at all.

Another had the theme of green. There was some immortal warrior running around with swords chopping off people's heads. There was a crossover character from Twin Peaks, though I'd never seen the show at the time so couldn't tell you who.

But the story which I never forgot and hope to find: The theme color was orange. The story opens with a high school sports team bus riding home after an away game. The bus is stopped by a flying saucer that then blows it up. One kid survives, who had been reading a UFO comic book. He was already anti-social and (maybe) autistic before the explosion. This kid is actually in the care of Scully's brother William. The writer depicted Scully and William as having a reasonably good relationship. The surviving kid is drinking orange drink when M & S interview him about the explosion. We discover that this kid has an invisible orange rabbit/bunny that watches over him and kills for him. The orange bunny and the opening flying saucer are manifestations of this kid's psychic ability. There's a big climatic battle in William Scully's house between the orange rabbit, M & S, and the kid who (I think) is trying to reject this rabbit.

One more thing I remember is the authors notes. He claimed to have come up with this "orange story" when he saw the cover of a rabbit themed children's book with an unintentionally scary orange rabbit. It was in the Easter display at a bank.

Hope to find this again. Been searching for years.


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