When solid ground grows soft with emerald moss and rivulets of black mud, and coffee-colored water pours slowly around the trunks of densely carpeted trees, this marks the beginning of Laod Mor: the swamp of Blossom Forest. Time itself seems to slow to a soporific crawl . . . the humid jungle air grows stagnant, thick with the scent of rich flooded earth and an abundance of green things that can be found nowhere elseóexcept perhaps Caidir Olc. In some areas of the swamp, water rises so high the only way to cross it is to crawl across fallen logs or massive roots arching from their liquid beds; in other places a wolf might wade easily through the mireóor find a fortunate stretch of mostly dry earth. Pieces of the great river, Glaesfaet Sceawere, also slice through from time to time: small falls that feed into surprisingly clear pools, only to terminate into tar-like pits. Of course, Laod Morís beauty shines brightest at night. Here, fireflies gather at all times of the year . . . suffusing the shadowy place with millions of twinkling lights.

Those looking to hunt here of course find a myriad of water prey, including caiman, turtles, fish, crayfish, otters, and toads.


You can't hold me back

And I plan to be...

Nzingha had known that the brute would return to them when they finally found a place, a pack, to call home in order to keep the pack together. She had not expected, however, the form that he would degrade himself to or that he would now abandon them so soon after they were accepted. After he finally ceased him motions, she confronted him directly, disturbed that he had sought to sneak away without even saying so much as a goodbye. He did not do so much as twitch an audette as she spoke, his statuesque form remaining just thus and briefly she shrunk away from him as he spoke. His form - though still thin - now was charming... In an odd sort of way. His coat once more was clean and it fit him, but he was different and unique. The cascade served as his background with the brute's form upon the canvas still and harsh as he countered her words. 'Didnít know taking a fieldtrip was the same as abandonment. My bad.' Nzingha wilted her pinnae slightly and her gaze fell from him form upon realizing that she had thought about that possibility. He had never been very social, not even when he had been within the terra of Bright Moon. Had he just sought to get away somewhere that was... Well not more quiet, for Munashii Gekko was pretty quiet, with all of its members keeping to themselves for the most part. And it could not be said that it would be more private for he was not within a den, but instead out in the open. But perhaps this place had some sort of private memories that he held dear, or unpleasant memories that plagued him which he was seeking to rid himself of. Her Suns lifted once more as motion caught them, his nape ever so slightly diverting his head. 'Did you really think Iíd just . . . leave? Ouch.' Before, she had been humbled and set off by his words, but not now. Now, her inner flame had been rekindled and her hackles rose, each fur bristling as she rolled back her shoulders and haunches before releasing her muscles, preparing to leap at him.

"Well looking at your track record, mister, I did not have much else to go off of! It isn't as if you have given me much to work with! You left us before and came back in poor state, so I didn't know what to think! So don't you go getting all high and mighty with me or... Or else... I'll tackle you. Yup. Into the water and then you'll be sorry." She was so flabbergasted at his answer that for once, her tongue got twisted and she was unsure of what exactly to say to him. Heat rose in her cheeks - embarrassed at her loss of control, and not knowing what else she could do, she released her muscles. In truth, she had only meant to land in front of him. Nzingha had meant to make a point - that she was not to be trifled with. That she would make good on her threat and truly throw him into the cascades. Impress him by stopping so close to him that perhaps their hairs would even touch... Not that he would see that, of course, but he would fell the gush of air that she displaced, hear her landed, feel her hairs intertwining with his.

That is what she meant to do.

Nzingha had never been to this part of Blossom Forest, for when she was a pup she had been too small to leap from dry rock to dry rock, and she had this irrational fear - err... Shall we say dislike? - of water in all its form. And so, she had no knowledge of just how slippery the ground was before her feet. So though she landed gracefully, that lasted but a moment. Immediately, her limbs splayed to the side. All traction that she had purchased was lost and she skidded toward the brute precariously. If he managed to leap out of the way - either into the water himself or onto dry land - she would go flying off the side of the bank and land in the stream, it's current starting to pull at her. Perhaps, though, she would hit him also and send him sprawling in with her. Either way, fear - err... Again 'dislike and discomfort' - grip her. She manages to break to the surface with a scream, but water splashes in as she starts to thrash wildly. "Help!" She sinks beneath the surface again but with another lull of a rapid she breaches again. "I can't swim!"

the last one standing
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