At one point in time, Misty Mountain stood opposite of Rainbow Cliff, and these rose to the sky as the only peaks in Blossom Forest. Since the magical change of the land, an entire chain of peaks rose from the bowels of the earth to become the Culter Unlaeddod - the Teeth of the Gods. Misty Mountain is still of the peaks, but many others exist as well. They run from north to south, from east to west. Atop some of the peaks, snow covers them year round, making the paths slippery and hazardous. Others are lower in altitude and are extremely humid, covered in thick, dense forests with mists swirling between each of the trunks. Others still are bare - naked boulders rising and falling haphazardly.

These chains of peaks do connect many of the packs, and they hold many things to explore - forbidden forests, deep and mysterious caves, beautiful scenic cliffs. However, one must have care - if you fall, it is a long, long, long way down...

Due to the varying terrains, many prey options are available. For those scared of injury, you may find ptarmigans, ravens, crows, squirrels, dormice, or rabbits. The adults hunting alone can find mountain goats... but for those hunting in a pack, there are elk, moose, and Bighorn Sheep.



Kiss me like you mean goodbye,

He didn't know what to say in response to her answer, a sort of happy bliss washing over him to know that he was the only one outside her birth pack that she had ever known. Her question, on the other paw, this brought that feeling to a grinding halt. The king of demons supposed he should keep his word to his future mate, his honesty was required here - much to the devil's chagrin. It was a long time before he parted his lips to answer her, the time spent to clean her ears and burrow his face into the lilac scented, ebony pelt that was so soft against his face Lucifer wondered if she might really be a phantom. If so, he wished to be haunted eternally.

"My childhood and upbringing weren't what you would call ideal. My mother died giving birth to me. Hael and Remnant are my half siblings through my father's second in command. My mother was queen, my father - the king - blamed me for her death. He couldn't kill his only legitimate heir, so he settled for what he called training. I called it abuse. My band is made of the wolves our birthpack thought we're too...ambitious, and sought to keep us busy. It wasn't long until we all had enough and fought against those who would abuse and keep us caged like fighting beasts? They used us as war dogs, but their blood gave us freedom. My father beat and banished us, and so I did what I was raised to and made a haven for my warriors, my family. This includes every wolf in Malignant." His voice is thick with hatred for the topic, but he manages through for her. Finally having enough of his little game.

Lucifer moves his fire and brimstone body away from the obsidian of Lucaya's, those molten lava pools boring into glacial sapphire and jade, a smirk forming. "Lucaya, I have one final question. Would you do me the magnamonious honor of being my wife, my mate?" He smiles nervously, hoping beyond all hope that she will say yes.



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