Once this place used to hold the yin and yang scenery of Blossom Field. Now, there are miles of winding tundra. To the north, this tundra is cruel and dry, with wisping weaves of tall grasses. The ground is cracked and cold, and it hardly is ever moistened by dearly desired rainfall. To the south, the tundra becomes more prosperous - meadows of flowers and herbs grace the ground. Part of this connects near Elebeam Weargtreow - however it is an impassible field of poppy, which will put any wolf trying to cross it into a deep slumber, and eventually die.

Those looking to hunt here will find mice, snakes, and rabbits, along with pronghorns, bison, and javalinas.


WHAT IF I CAN'T FORGET YOU? [ metalhead ]


Back at Blossom Field. Ah it had been a while. His grey colored optics were dull, barely even moving along. His nose breathed in all of the scents. Blossom Field is where he came to think. It was also where he had met the girl whom he really had liked. But she had left, not knowing whom she was. From what he had heard from other wolves she had challenged Striker, the alpha of Moondown Shadows. Apparently she'd lost, which he knew she would probably be sour about. He would be too but Alastair wasn't the one for challenging. He wouldn't know what to do in that position. He was scared to even join a pack for that matter.

The varge knew it was all about family and such and protecting one another. But honestly he was lone.. he liked being on his own and that was final. His ears pinned back on his head as he shook it softly. Dream Drop kept reappearing in his head and he didn't like it. Get over her, Al. he thought as he slowly lowered himself onto his rump in despair. For he'd liked her, had a crush on her for the first little while that they'd talked. The princess didn't catch on though.

It was time to move on, start anew. Though Alastair knew if she somehow turned up again he'd be happy, content with a girl like her. He let out a huff and shook his cranium once again. His dull eyes glanced around, farther up in the field he spotted a small girl and a male talking, both looking content and possibly flirty and such. He felt as if he knew the girl but he wasn't quite sure. Maybe he'd met her? Oh well.

He slowly looke down at himself, a sigh coming from his maw. He'd lost weight from his travels around the area. Alastair had managed to collect some prey here and there but he was really survivng on some small prey and some water. His optics glanced back up at the ashen area of the field, slowly standing up once again. His appendages began moving towards the area, his tail down and his ears back on his head.


♔ Alastair ♔ Adult ♔ Bloody Titan ♔ Loveless ♔ No Spawns ♔ Rouge ♔ Keanah ♔

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