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Re(1): Do you need any help?

Steve, thanks for offering. I think we lost a couple of players because we haven't heard from daredevil or Spiderman...I think one of them was an RP judge. So if you can be our third judge, that would help.

Here are the RPs from the week of Feb. 21 that needs to be judged:
Glitch pt. 1 & 2 - Vision
Phasing Into Adulthood pt. 1& 2 - Shadowcat
Wages of Sin pt. 3 - Zemo

and these are the latest RPs that also need judging:
Introductions - Catman
The Long Road Back - Batgirl
Glitch pt. 3 - Vision

send your choices to Jman's email:

When we have a lot of battles I will need your help so thanks again!
Jman, Shadowcat told me she sent in her stats too. If you don't have hers I'll tell her to resend to your email.

          • Done -

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