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True Local vs Sanctioned entry level classes

Much debate yet again that has been happening now for at least 5 years! My thoughts are and always have been that local is impossible to police and always will be. My concern isn't big turbos or oem manifolds or engine conversions but the saftey factor and the thought of someone getting hurt or worse due to improper saftey equipment. I brought this up years ago but why not ditch the "local" name all together and have two entry level classes that can be regulated across all the OTTPA pulls. Local now has next to no pay out...keep it that way or no payout and a promotor supplied trophy for their hook! Have it sanctioned so the pullers can run for points if they want and the grand prize of a jacket at the awards banquet! Even just have 5500lbs gas/diesel and 8500 gas/diesel...after all its about having fun and braging to your buddies! And for the club its to get more people "hooked" and moving up to the other classes! Make a set of rules pretty well like currently in place that allow Joe from Fergus or John from Powasson to pull but also let those that want to run the circuit to do so! Just my thoughts and ideas...just getting tired of the same old discussions, problems or issues year after year with no changes!

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