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I think the issue that the executive is wrestling with here, and I don't know as I am only reading between the lines in all of this, is the fact that a local-non-circuit class for the last four decades has been for off the lot trucks or tractors to compete in. Once something is 'hot rodded', then it is destined for the hot stock or mod farm tractor class. I do realize that newer vehicle with computers pose a great challenge vs. older vehicles. The same issue is evident when a promoter has a local/non-circuit tractor class as power shift transmissions have a huge advantage over the old single speed trannys. Those guys all pull together. The meaning of local/non-circuit has always been for stock trucks or tractors as they came off of the lot. And yes, some are going to compete better than others, especially if you drive a Ford. I can't say if the executive is right or wrong, but I do empathize with the executive in the dilemma that they have. I was dealing with this same issue in the mid 1990's and we will continue with it for years to come. As someone that has sat on the COTPA/OTTPA executive for many years, I think we all need to get behind them and support them. I have not appreciated some of the bashing that has gone on as these people volunteer a lot of time to this. I will stick my neck out and say that I, along with some others that have are and have been on the executive have travelled more miles to meetings than some have to the actual pulls. I have full confidence that the executive will come to some sort of a reasonable solution to this. With that being said, any pulling organization can't be all things to all people. There are a lot of pulls new pullers can go to to get their feet wet in the sport other than the OTTPA, and when they are ready, hopefully they will come and join us in Hot Stock, or Mod Farm or whatever class they are interested in. OTTPA probably is one of the only sanctioning bodies that offers everything from a garden tractor to a multi-engine mod. There's a place for everybody to play. Good luck.


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