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Where's that wee bachle???

Jeez' ah jist drapped in tae let yeez know thit ah'm comin alang well an' lookin furrit tae a hoaliday back hame this summer and that wee ####e iznae in hurr hoose. Why'd yeez noa go ootside hurr windae an' gie hurr a right shirikin pals?? If she thinks ah'm gonnie daunner dooon tae Brigton tae see hurr an' she's noa in? she's uppa gum tree!
Soooo, lissen here tae me you, Bachley Bain, ye better get yurr erse in gear an' yurr hoose tidied up if ye expect me an' Donna tae chap oan yurr door this summer ...... ye hear me me?? eh??? urr ye lissenin??? 47483898300-503398e00-50-


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