Dos Equis dumping Most Interesting Man

You have seen the commercials over the past 9 years or so. Jonathan Goldsmith and the "World's Most Interesting Man" campaign for then little known Dos Equis beer is coming to an end. They are sending him to Mars.

Yep. I can't believe it. A huge mistake. The misguided reasoning from Heineken USA, the parent company says millennial drinkers have changed dramatically. They are talking about craft beers as the competition.

What nonsense! Millennials are not sipping craft brews all the time. Rent is due later this week and they are looking for something cheap. This Mexican beer offered something more - sophistication from a mediocre beer. Millennials picked up a six-pack of Dos Equis because of the advertising made the sale. One of the best ad campaigns in history.

Everyone wanted to be on this joke. How clever! Who wouldn't want to slam a revolving door, parallel park a train or bowl overhand! And play jai-alai!!!

I was the first person their Madison Avenue NYC advertising offices contacted on putting together this jai-alai commercial. I went straight to Dania to visit Jai-a-Lou and then Marty Fleishman and we helped put together a great commercial (you can see it in the link). But they are making a huge mistake here. The second I hear that soundtrack, I drop what I was doing and watched. Great lines......hundreds of them. Tell me who didn't relate to this guy, a former B actor on Gunsmoke and Magnum P.I.

According to USA Today, Dos Equis profits increased 34.8 from 2007 to 2015. The pitchman did it. After all, he did win a lifetime achievement award....twice!! Name me a domestic beer that has done that. I doubt there are any.

Now on a one way trip to Mars, these ad fools are too foolish to understand his value. A lesson to those in marketing - you want to reach millennials - you can't fake authenticity. This is what the "Most Interesting Man the World" did best.

Say goodbye to the greatest ad campaign in history.


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