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Elandaur - Intermediate RPG


[b]What exactly Is Elandaur?[/b] A simple and beautiful, free-form, play by post driven lion roleplay. Elandaur is marked their territories on their own fantasy country! We have a very low count word base of 150 - 200 words and no character limits until after your fourth account where you just need to wait one month to make the next! Elandaur encourages you to use your imagination when creating your felines from onyx fur to double colored eyes or pupil-less meowers. We welcome side species as well as items and our own special system for points and awards too!

[b]But what if I've never been an animal before?![/b] Elandaur welcomes all members who have had either no prior experience roleplaying animals or prior experience, no matter what we want you with us, If you need help our guidebooks will shine the path way for you, No previous knowledge required to play with us either!

Come check us out, We're waiting for you!

[align=center][URL=http://elandaur-rpg.com/]Visit our Home[/URL] || [URL=http://elandaur.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=2]Guidebook[/URL] || [URL=http://elandaur.jcink.net/index.php?showforum=45]Advertise & Affiliate[/URL][/align]

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