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yanna bayio or butanyl injection for bleeding?

Hi James,

I am so glad I found your videos. Thank you for helping people. I have advanced cervical cancer and just got out of the hospital for a second time in 6 weeks for blood transfusions. I am doing many alternative treatments, rectal ozone, juicing, etc. I do baking soda douches and Dr. Simoncini told me to try salt and water afterward as well. I was getting high dose vitamin iv's with 50k C with a glutathione push and twice afterward massive tumor fell out, tumor, not blood supply. I saw what you had to say about the C and I suspect it was the glutathione each time that pushed the tumor out. I've been able to keep the tumor down until recently. It had stopped making so much blood supply and now it's back to bleeding a lot and none has fallen out in some time. I am in a lot of pain and the tumor is like 8 cm now. I refuse radiation and chemo. My question is about what best works to stop the bleeding? Cayenne douches per Dr. Schulz but it doesn't work. I was told about an herb called Yanna Baiyou? And also an injection of N Butanyl with saline injected into a muscle. What would you recommend? I am buyin the herbs you recommend for cancer, what is the best to stop the blood supply building? Thank you so much in advance if you have time to answer my post. I so appreciate it.


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