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Heather Costa
English 10 Accelerated
Period 5
18 April 2016

Deep Thought Response

I disagree with the statement " the government has a right to know what people are reading so they may determine who might be a threat."I disagree with this because it is a way to limit what you know so that u trust the government full heartedly without question.By limiting what you know it will never allow change and it creates an oblivious society,not knowing the difference between freedom and fear.Once you limit what you can do you limit people thoughts so it less prone to rebellions since you are taking away a way to express these ideas.So if they have to words to express them they won't have those ideas to begin with.If you mentor society long enough then those ideas that contradict the government will die out.For instance,in The Giver by Lois Lowry shows a dystopia where everyone is the same and the government take away all the differences so on one knows the difference.For Jonas he learns how is society is wrong and people need to think for themselves.Which leads to an other example in Fahrenheit 451 where they live in a society where all books that go against the government are destroyed.Guy Montag, one of the firefighters later learns that burning these books is wrong because he learns to think on his and have his own opinions.A more recent example is in the matched series.In the Matched series a girl believes in the society's laws until grandfather leaves her with something before he dies.This leads to a rebellion with in the states.So the government trying to control what you read is a way to control society and how informed society is.For the government to control reading they are also controlling how you think which will cause some ideas to not even exist.Also,knowledge is power and the government can never take away what you know even in death.For example in the hunger games by Suzanne Collins it shows how president snow tried to control the districts and have proganda to support it.In other words many books through time have shown a dystopian society where the government controls what you really know compared to what is really going on within society.However,this can also occur in media like the newspaper when you read an article and it changes how you see something based on how they present the information to you.By not being informed about what is going on in society it makes it easier to control you and what you think.The government doesn't have a right to regulate knowledge to society in aspect they claim to help society.The government should never have that much power that they can control society as a whole it should be as stated in toy story 3, “the authority should be derived from the consent of the governed not the threat of force”.So the government has no right to control society without the governed or people having a say.Society needs to have this balance in order to thrive and have differenation with opinions.In retrospect the governments in history have tried to control society by starting with the country's future or the children because if you change what they know you reshape the future.By the government controlling knowledge you don't allow for an idea to exist since they won't have the words or knowledge to express it.Knowledge is power and if you take away knowledge you leave a society that is pliable and easy to manipulate so the government can have the control they desire.

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