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deep thought

Expressing Ideas

In order for an idea to exist it has to be expressed in a form. The way we express it is not limited to just verbal presentation. When I have an idea I want to express, I tend to gravitate more towards creating artwork. By depicting my thoughts on mediums I am able to recreate ideas. If I proceed by putting this form out to the public, it is then noticed by other individuals and has a sense of liveness. There was no need to speak words in order to make my idea come to life; simply used paints and pictures. Say I want to raise awareness to kids in foster homes. I might draw an image that touches to all audiences and sticks to cool hues like green, blue, and violet. Although no words would be present, the way in which I am expressing my ideas says more. To continue, if I am celebrating Black History month a large poster with warm hues such as red, yellow, and orange will be used. I manage to demonstrate that i want to acknowledge African American Heritage. This visual form of expression still manages to express my ideas just as words would.

Another example of expressing an idea can be found in the form of instrumental music. Nonverbal melodies are capable of speaking a thousand words. The player might feel tension towards a certain scenario so they play a harsh tune to express their ideas. They want to riot so the beating of the drums and loud trumpets draw others to join into his scheme. On the contrary, if the musician has aims to celebrate a historic moment, a tune of joyful chords can be strung and soon thousands join in to celebrate. These two examples started with ideas that didn't need words to be expressed. Furthermore, actions can also express our ideas. Saying goes that actions speak louder than words and I strongly agree. Someone might be having an optimistic attitude and wishes to spread their positivity. A huge smile on their face as they hold the door open to someone. No words needed, only a kind gesture thus spreading the idea about passing good deeds along. Contrary, a strong example is Rosa Parks. When asked to stand up and give her seat away to a white man she refused by staying seated. Her actions showed that she was not going to further tolerate segregation and people recognize her ideas through that.

Our emotions also play huge role in expressing our ideas. Similar to body language, our emotions are said to be noticed more than the words we speak. When we stand in certain scenarios of sadness and want to be left alone, we might put on a sour face to ward off anyone who wants to come near. By showing that we stand in a foul mood through negative emotions we can express thoughts towards a certain subject. Counter to, if we are optimistic and smile while doing x thing, we are also expressing our ideas. Again we are using no form of words, only actions to present that we are content about things we aspire and what to make true one day. I personally believe that passion is identical to emotion and action. If someone is very willing for something to occur you can feel the energy the eject and emotion they put towards their dreams. This form of using no phrases still manages to express ideas.

Although words can be used to express ideas, we are not only limited to just vocal communications. Images, actions,melodies and emotions can be effective as well.

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