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one mile away.

Name: Sapphire (“Sapphy”)
Biological sex: Female
Skin colour: Light brown
Hair colour: Mid-brown naturally, dyed blonde
Eye colour: Green
Defects: None
Your player name: Aspelta

Detailed appearance: Sapphy naturally has mid-brown curly hair, but it has been rigorously straightened and bleached blonde. Two pink strips have been dyed into the front. Her face shape is somewhere between diamond and heart, with a pointed chin. Sapphy uses make-up to emphasise her lips (making them look larger – Kylie Jenner style) and cheekbones. She has naturally small, thin eyebrows which don’t require plucking, which annoys her because the fashion is currently thicker ones. She’s slender and slightly small for her age, which could be due to a poor diet growing up. She has muddy green eyes which are probably her most attractive feature.

Personality: Sapphy is the kind of kid that teachers and other adults would quickly write off as a hopeless case. Loud and abrasive, she lacks discipline, has little concept of how to speak to adults or people in authority, and swears frequently. She smokes and has experimented with drugs, although she steers well clear of the ‘hard’ drugs which her mother uses. She often comes across as reckless, but is actually quietly much more aware of cause-consequence than most of her peers. Had she grown up in an environment which encouraged such thinking, she would be quite future-oriented; however, she has little hope for anything good in her future and so doesn’t bother to prepare much for it. Sapphy’s social life is exceptionally important to her, because she believes she isn’t intelligent enough to pass exams and thereby doesn’t bother with school. She also believes that she won’t get a job when she grows up because no one in her family has ever had one. All she has left to build in her future, therefore, is a family – Sapphy expects to have children (young) because that’s about the only expectation girls where she’s from are raised to have.

Sapphy is street-smart and has a pretty good sense of when a fight is about to start (she just has a poor sense of flight). She also has an interest in the law and a fairly good knowledge of it, although she channels that interest into playing the welfare system. Her intelligence extends to critical thinking and good verbal communication skills, although she has very low literacy levels. A natural talent for maths in her early years of primary school was never developed, so while she can problem-solve well logically and numerically, she can’t do more than basic sums.

Sapphy is extremely loyal to her family and the friends she classes as family, and has a strong pride. She would, and has, fight anyone who passes a comment she doesn’t appreciate about her sister/mother.

Ambitions: Sapphy has previously said that her ambition is to have a child at 16 so that she can apply for social housing and get her own place. It’s unclear if she really wants this; more likely she has never dared to let herself dream.
Age: 13 turning 14
Ethnicity: Mixed race; black Caribbean father, white British mother
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Religion: Agnostic

Family and background: Sapphy is the youngest of two full-blood sisters; her sister, Carla, is 15 and already has a son of her own, Callum. Sapphy and Carla have a very mixed relationship. On a good day Carla will help her with her make-up and hair; on a bad day, they will scream and swear at one another. Sapphy is fond of her nephew but has a poor opinion of her sister’s parenting skills, a view which she regularly expresses. She also has a poor opinion of what she calls her sister’s “timing”; she often says Carla was an idiot for not waiting until she was 16 to have Callum so that she could apply for additional benefits.

Sapphy and Carla live with their mother in a small, terraced house in Aston, Birmingham. Aston is 70% ethnic minority, with Pakistani and black Caribbean forming the two largest groups. It is also the ‘turf’ of one of the most infamous gangs in Birmingham, the Johnsons, who rival another gang known as the Burger Boys. Sapphy’s father was one of the Johnsons – it’s about the only thing she knows about him. He’s been absent for most of her life and she has never been interested in him enough to try and tempt her mother’s memory.

Sapphy has a complicated relationship with her mother, a drug addict. Sapphy’s mother was born into poverty herself and never had a job; she raised her two daughters while living on benefits. Sapphy loathes her mother’s drug addiction, is determined to get her own place as quickly as possible and resents her mother’s inability to care for her, but also values her own independence as a result of her mother’s neglect and is very loyal to her mother. She checks in on her regularly and defends her when other people speak poorly of her.

Beyond her mother, nephew and sister, Sapphy also has a number of half-brothers on her mother’s side and probably more on her father’s side. She has a decent relationship with three of the former, all members of the Johnsons gang.

Sapphy’s family are fairies, but are disconnected from magic and fairy culture. No one in Sapphy’s immediate family has any magic, and being a fairy isn’t really part of her identity.

Sample post:
“Oh my days,” Kel muttered, lounging against the railings with two cigarettes wedged haphazardly between her fingers. “Saph, that bitch just gave you a right look.”

Sapphy pulled her own cigarette away from her mouth, expelling a stream of smoke with a scowl.

“You disrespectin’ me?” She shouted after the pair of younger girls, who hurried by a little faster. “Yeah, you better keep walkin’! Year sevens,” she added in a normal tone to Kel, shaking her head. “Gettin’ cockier every day, ain’t they?”

“Yeah blud,” Kel took another drag of her cigarettes. “It’s a matter of respect, innit?”

Sapphy pressed the butt of her cigarette against the railing, watching with satisfaction as it created a new, charred mark on the remaining bit of chipped green paint. It was like art. She lifted her bag off the ground and slung it over her shoulder, prompting a groan from her friend.

“Nooo Saph, I’ll be a right loner if you go!”

“The others’ll be outta school by now.”

“Not if they got detention.”

Sapphy snorted in derision. She and her friends only turned up to school when the feds came knocking; why would any of them go to detention? Only new teachers who hadn’t been completely worn down bothered to set them anyway.

“Later, Kel,” she flipped her hand dismissively, “I gotta check on my mum, you know what I’m sayin’?”

It was a short walk home. Through the park, past the broken swings, left at Poundland and down the graffitied pavement all the way to the front door. The terraced houses around here all looked the same, but Sapphy’s feet knew the way. The door was locked; she had to retrieve the key from under the loose brick on the weed-ridden patio. The house, when she got in, stank of the telltale sweet smell. Upstairs, the baby was crying.

Throwing her bag down, Sapphy shoved the door shut behind her and stomped up the stairs, muttering under her breath. Her baby nephew was visible lying in his cot through her sister’s open bedroom door, screaming himself purple. It had originally been Sapphy’s bedroom too, but she’d moved into her mum’s room when the baby was born. As she pushed the door open wider, she revealed her sister, Carla, lying on the bed and texting on her phone. Her earphones were plugged in.

Sapphy presented her with the evilest look she could muster before thumping over to the cot, which had been wedged between the two beds. Her footsteps got considerably lighter as she went, and she adopted a gentle tone as she leant over the flimsy wooden rails.

“Heyyy little Callum.” The baby sniffled loudly but paused to stare up at her, his huge blue eyes damp with tears. Sapphy smiled, and for a moment looked quite pretty.

“Get out, Sapphy!” Carla shouted, ripping her earphones out. At the noise, Callum started crying again.

“He’s fuckin’ cryin’!”

“I know what I’m doin’, you fuckin’ bitch. He’s gotta learn to cry it out, don’t he?”

“You’re a fuckin’ terrible mum,” Sapphy snarled back, turning to leave. “And a cunt.”

Grinding her teeth against the wailing and the blood pounding in her ears, Sapphy thundered down the stairs and shoved open the door to the living room, where she knew her mother would be. Where her mother always was. The pathetic puddle of a woman was sprawled out on the floor, her eyes wide, staring at nothing in particular on the ceiling.

“Mum! Callum’s crying.” It was as if she didn’t hear her. Sapphy crossed the short distance between them, leant over and shouted. “Mum!

Her mother blinked, and her eyes semi-focused. “Get the fuck out, Sapphy. You ruin everything.”

“Bitch,” Sapphy muttered under her breath, shoving her balled fists into her pockets and stomping back out. She slammed the door behind her, causing the frame to quake.

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