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Re(1): I note

Not sure where you are getting your information from but not all of it is correct or in the correct context. The C130 fleet needed these upgrades. Now with KC30's , C17,s and C27,s the day of C130's trash hauling are long gone. So if we were going to stay we needed to re define our role. For those of us still flying the C130 we are exited by the new challenge ahead and we look forward to the new technology. I am sure that everyone that reads this forum has there own opinion on decisions that have been made. The satcom has been fitted to a few aircraft already and the rest of the fleet is to come along with link 16 and new Loadmaster seats. Your comments about the Flteng's is really outdated. There is no inflight role for a Flteng there has never been one on the C130j and never will. All current serving Flteng understand and accept that and that is why they have either commissioned remustered to Loadmaster or simply got out. I mean no disrespect to anyone who reads this post but a lot of things have evolved since 1972 and the current serving C130 Loadmasters like our current role and are excited about the future. May I suggest that if you want to know anything about what we are doing or where we are headed then contact a current C130 Loadmaster and they will be more then happy to give you the most up to date information. This will save you making comment about things that are out of context. Once again no disrespect to anyone but opinions on this forum are read by a lot of people and I can ensure you that opions made by past members are not the same opions of current C130 Loadmasters


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