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Re(2): I note

My remarks are a direct extract from the aviation Australian magazine. Group Captain Carl Newman wrote a four page thread on this matter. I think he explained it all very well.

Many things we a seeing like Loadmaster training aids and I believe more is to come. Para door seats and observer windows should have been installed in 1959 onwards. Things like the better restraint harness whould have been available early on, I looked in a J model in 1900 and it still had the old RAF harness, totaly useless.
Fire masks only started to come through 1972. Ever had to fight a fire without them, not much fun.

It has taken too long for proper flight safety equipment and training to come into place.

We were proud of the efforts we were able to make, but remember that one has too keep moving on or we are going backwards.

However lastly some of the best aircrew I flew with were the best the very best, people like Warrent Officer Sinfield truelly top value men.

Fly safe



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