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Re(2): I note


Point taken about us oldies not knowing what is going on from a insider perspective, however, if Col said it was reported in an Aviation magazine well, what can I say, he didn't make it up, perhaps the serving RAAF person talking to the press got it wrong?

I don't know about the others reading this forum but back in my day we were not allowed to divulge information, so the point about asking a current LM is not relevant as we (non serving) wouldn't want you serving personnel to get in any hot water. Perhaps you serving personnel could be upcoming with information to keep us oldies abreast of what is going on, certainly help us that just long for information on our past life.

Col's point about the externals tanks is a valid point. Taxpayer money is what is being spent and a little forethought on the part of the RAAF could have saved money and given us pensioners perhaps a bigger slice?. I doubt that but could always dream. During MAFFS operations on the H the external tanks were removed so it is no big deal to remove and store.

Col's point about the FE is also valid. He didn't mention that they would be used as an inflight FE but could be retrained and used for this new position as an "electronics officer" or what ever they want to call the positon. Back in the never never we used to have an electronics officer on the B707 for VIP operations, so probably nothing new.

The point you make about the role of the SQN changing is all good news, moving forward. However if you are not trash hauling what do you do with the cargo compartment. Nice to know what is going on these days.

No disrespect taken, but perhaps when you are old and out of the service you will understand we ex serving members long to hear about what is occurring in the present day ADF. This is why the forum was designed to keep us all informed. You may be there one day yourself.

Appreciate all the updates (legally available) you can give to this forum.



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