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Re(4): I note

Yes Tony.. The was a Fly away kit, aprox. 3 ft square stowed at Fs 245. slightly to stb. of center line. in case the nose wheel did not lock down. Remove the hand rail to the flight rail to the Flight Deck to push the Nose land ing wheel in position.. Told about this in U.S. Training but never told of it actual happening The FWK had mostly instrument and light spares. The F.Engs done all the repairs.. A alum 8 ft. ladder was stowed in the stretcher clips on the Starboard side, used to Bowser fill and top up main tanks and mostly for the filling of the wing tanks.. The wing tanks had no fuel gauges, from memory the F Eng used fuel from no.2&4 tanks and then filled them up from the wing tanks. The L.M. used to assist with the dressing of the props using a tie down straps... We all worked together (exception of 1 F Eng) as a team The best days, all new mates etc. Cripes Tony that was 56 years ago you (r) you are getting old!!!!


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