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English 3 H

Katie Roland
Mrs. Lyon
English 3 H
3 May 2016
Journal #1
Some have the opinion that people that are poor should rely on friends, family, or church for help, never the government. I personally disagree with this statement, in many cases some do not have the luxuries of friends, family, or church. Those who have nothing, most likely have nobody. I think that if it was a smart idea to rely on those few people one may or may not have, the government would not be providing as much as they do today to those less fortunate. I think the government gives to those who are poor to give them a chance to get back on their feet. I think it is overall a smart idea, and very helpful to those who need the help. In addition to, multiple perspectives will argue that a true friend will tell you the truth, even when you donít want to hear it. I absolutely agree. A true friend in my opinion would carry the characteristic of truthfulness. A true friend would be honest and reliable at all times. Whether or not you want to hear the truth, itís much better than being told lies only to make you feel better. A third opinion mentions racism, and says that the n-word is more offensive than other racial slurs because of the history behind it. I disagree with this, a racial slur, or slur at all is negative, and meant to hurt someone else. No matter if it is the n-word being mentioned or a overweight girl being called a cheeseburger, it is harsh and hurtful. I do not think that any one word outweighs another. History behind lots of words hurt others, and in my opinion no one word is more harsh than the other. The fourth outlook says women today are more often treated by men as equals rather than objects. I again, disagree with this opinion. Today women are beaten, cussed at, and treated like dogs in many cases. Women have had to fight for rights before and some struggle to do so today. I think that there are still plenty of women who are treated as objects rather than equals. Additionally, some say when people are a victim of a crime, they should be able to take the law into their own hands. I strongly disagree. Some people in todays society are insane, crazy, and cannot be trusted. I think that those who have went to school and studied the law should handle cases, those who are educated are far more intelligent than someone who is bias and wants to take the law into their own hands regarding their own case. Another says states with the death penalty have lower murder rates. I agree, I think that the death penalty is very harsh but in extreme cases needed. When others know consequences they will not act. The seventh statement says the best place for justice to be determined is in a court of law. I disagree, I believe all cases and scenarios are different and it is not safe to say that the best place is always the court of law. Another statement mentions that being rich is more important than having close friends. I strongly disagree with this statement. I have grown up being told that money isnít everything. Close friends and family are far more important than money, and money cannot always make you as happy as friends and family could. The ninth statement says sometimes a person has to break the law to make sure justice is served. I again disagree. Everyone has different opinions on what they think justice is, and if one thinks justice is killing another human beingÖ it should not be okay! The tenth and final statement says life today is more difficult than it was in the 1930ís. I do not know much about the 1930ís, but I disagree with this statement. I think competition today is harder, people are meaner, and more harsh. Overall todayís society is difficult to survive in. Demand is a huge factor, and some are not able to reach the demands given or those they wish they could meet alone.

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