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somebody catch my breath

Required information --

Name: Rhea
Biological sex: Female
Skin colour: Type III
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Dark brown
Defects: None

Your player name: Kate
How you found out about us: Previous member!
Note: Spending $1.2k on fruit bat shifting <3

Sample: Rhea doesnít remember much before the ocean, her mind pickled in brine. There is the slightest imprint of teeth on her hip and the sensation of falling that sometimes jolts her awake at night, mementos from a life lost. She is small and proud, itís genetic, or so she thinks -- she isnít sure if she even had parents or maybe she just appeared one day. The mystery appeals to her, touches an archaic part of her that wants to believe in all the stories the other fairies tell her.

They come by on their way to other places and they keep her company because she refuses to leave the beach. Itís the sand, the smell of the ocean. Thereís something bitter and familiar so that sometimes, when she takes a deep breath, her lungs ache for a world she can never return to.

But Rhea doesnít let them see it, to them she is an anomaly. This self-contained galaxy that cares so very little about the rest of them. It is in the inexhaustible darkness of her eyes, how her brows arch almost cynically up towards the sky as she claps her hands. Itís unlike anything theyíve ever seen, this little girl who parades around in her rags like sheís their queen. Ancient blood in young veins in a lethal combination and yet, here she is like a symbol of everything that used to be in a place that is no more.

Dusk is her favorite time, when the sun and moon kiss -- when the air is not quite so balmy as usual. Wisps of dark hair cling to her sunburned cheeks, her lips. Between her toes white sand oozes, gone cool for now, holding moisture so that when she steps hard against it drops of water glisten. As the moon rises higher in the sky it reflects off the tide, it casts silver shadows against her skin. Rhea doesnít mind the chill, she just wraps her thin arms around herself and squeezes until she doesnít feel anything at all.

She tilts her face to the rim of the sun and sighs, licks salt and grit from her mouth. Her shoulders itch, her stomach growls. Perhaps she will hunt tonight, then hide in the cool darkness of the coastal caves just down the shoreline. There she can hang from the stalactites and sleep away the oncoming dawn like a bad dream.

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