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a sickness of time; mythical & original horse rp

Introducing The Rift: a new take on a fantasy horse rpg. Inspired by video games like Skyrim, The Rift was created to be a place where creativity can be unleashed.

There is a world that has never known the heavy hand of a god. It is a wild place with borders of black holes and mirrors and shifting seas with salt waves that know no end. This world is untamed, unhindered and free to shift and change and make solid skies of stone and trees made from moonlight and constellation.

This place is a rift, a wrinkle in reality where there are no rules or boundaries to wander. It is a place that has only ever known time and magic.

Time was kind, it was gentle and it never chained or smothered the wild, beautiful magic. But then it started to change. Time became rotten and diseased. It grew more wild and reckless than magic and it cut free from the shackles of its kindness with a vengeance.

Time let the pretty creations of magic age to dust and rust and liquid. It grew seas where it rent the land apart -- land that had eons ahead of it. It devoured shores with waves and made false the rules of evolution and erosion. Children that had found their way past the mirrors and walls of galaxies became adults far too soon and adults faded into particles on the wind. Graveyards were made of the first blooms of spring and century long winters from the dawn of a single day.

Magic goes on; still wild, still free. It makes paradises of some lands and death pyres of others. The lands never last though (not even the perfect ones). For time has learned to despise all the pretty parts of magic and the wonders of its creativity.

Woe to the world in which time has become a hateful, poison thing.

- Complete control of character appearance
- Tons of events
- Optional perk paths for your character to follow
- A new take on gameplay with dozens of ways to explore

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