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MSA Opening Night Winners by Year

MSA Opening Night Winners (I was inspired to throw this list together when I saw Danny K's Oswego press release a few days ago) ...

2001 - Dave Shullick Jr (#38 Bill Kovacs) - Sandusky Speedway
2002 - Tim Jedrzejek (#7 Bill Kovacs) - Columbus Speedway
2003 - Dave McKnight (#94 Brad Lichty) - Lorain County Speedway
2004 - Tim Jedrzejek (#7 May Motorsports) - Lorain County Speedway
2005 - Dave Shullick Jr. (#49 ACME Racing) - Sandusky Speedway

2006 - Joe Grunda (#1 Joe Grunda) - Lorain County Speedway
2007 - Dave Shullick Jr. (#49 ACME Racing) - Sandusky Speedway
2008 - Dave Shullick Jr. (#49 ACME Racing) - Oswego Speedway
2009 - Trent Stephens (#19 ACME Racing) - Oswego Speedway
2010 - Charlie Schultz (#7 May Motorsports) - Sandusky Speedway

2011 - Lou Cicconi (#49 ACME Racing) - Ace Speedway (NC)
2012 - Dave Shullick Jr. (#49 ACME Racing) - Sandusky Speedway
2013 - Trent Stephens (#19 ACME Racing) - Sandusky Speedway
2014 - Dave Shullick Jr. (#94 Jim Bodnar) - Sandusky Speedway
2015 - Jon Henes (#36 Ron Henes) - Mansfield Speedway

2016 - TBD 5/14/2016 - Sandusky Speedway


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