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Re(3): Well that was rather good.

Ah, yes. All sounds familiar to me.Certainly for many of us ( Reader's voice:"What? Ordinary human beings, do you mean?") Yes, for most of us, he charm of sitting around in vans and hotel rooms
in strange towns, while your children partners and pets forget what you look like does wear off after about, say mid 30s. For me it was much earlier. I rarely go to live shows myself and don't understand what the obsession bordering upon fetish, the music industry has with them.
In an age which is now only two mouse clicks away from going hologramatic, in an age of the internet, they still want you to load up trucks, leave your families and go and play Peter Pan in pirate suits? The twats. Of course band members fall out, especially over money, of which there is always LESS than promised and always LATER than you'd hoped. Still,no victims...only volunteers. That's why I patented the Martin Newell method: " Let's see if we can make records, play music and make some kind of a living WITHOUT the involvement or input of too many many music industry/showbiz wankers." method. Guess what? I did it.
Only took me 45 years. But of course if there are any big importamt showbiz 'men of consequence' reading this, do get in contact. I'll still tell you to fuck off. Ha ha ha. Oh did I tell you I just bought a new gold braided tricorn hat? No kidding. I'll be wearing it at Latitude. Pics soon.


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