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Re(14): I note

Quickly like most of us, I came to fully understand that there was no surplus bods in the crew.

My first trip away was with Jim Tully, who likewise had about the same flying experience as myself and both of us were a little respectful of the Wing Commander being the aircraft commander.

We took a fire truck to Norfolk Island and after it was unloaded we were waiting for transport to order the in Flights, saw the boss looking at number 2 engine. The boss turned to Jim and said you had better check that out.

Jim climbed out and reported back that there was nothing wrong,and I climbed up upon number 2. I said to Jim I think we have an oil leak I will go and get some rags.

Unbuttoning the bowling much waving the rags round I made a comment that perhaps we could leave it till the morning. Jim reported to the CO that he thought he found the problem and it should be right in the morning.

CO beams and said well spotted and we moved off the hotel. Where he informed us because of our efforts we could come fishing with one of the locals.

Back in our room, Jim said I am glad you caught the drift, but how did you know.

Heard him talking the one of the locals about getting a boat and going out to try his luck.

What a great afternoon, once we got under way he said you can be Captain Bligh. I was allergic to fish and that suited him as he did have to stop anyone fishing.

So many years have gone past, shame that most of the stories will die with us. They were goods days the like of which we will never seen again. I learnt so muck from flight engineers, it was always a rood relation ship.



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