bby I went to the city about an 1 1/2 hrs. from my small town with friends earlier tdoay and whilst i was gone i had my ct in his kennel until my grandfather whom lives with me returned From my Aunts house about three -four hours latter well when he returned my aunt who dosent like cats e and especially not in the house had taken him from his kennel and thrown him out the door two and a half hours before i returned from my trip I have looked every whare around my house calling him he has aon a collar and is unnutered though their is a large tom hanging around my house lately as well as a female anyway when i was looking for him i found a month old kitten and tried leaveiung her whare i found her no luck So i called for my cat putting the kitten in the spare kennel after coaxing her to eat a bit and take some watter off my finger..I still havent found MY Baby He's visually impared and scared of every thing and has only been outside breifly before due to accidental escapes but allways brought right back in This timke he's no whare to be found a nebighor spotted him an hour and a half before i asked him heaeding away from my home how far will the bigger boys chase him? what else can i do to find him? any adevice i'm worried Amber


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