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Re(3): Countdown to Ringo

I always thought that while Ringo was not at all technically proficient, he played like no other drummer, and his timing was impeccable, given the unusual way he approached drumming. I remember hearing session drummer Jim Keltner saying during an interview, how everybody was asking him to "play it like Ringo." Imagine that?

To me, the definitive "Ringo songs" that come to mind are as follows:

"She Said, She Said" Unbelievable fills!
"A Day In the Life" The BEST tom fills ever heard.
"Strawberry Fields" wacky stuff...all over the place. Downright creepy when placed inside that meess of expermental sounds and pitch alterations.

There are many other great moments, but none so significant as these, IMHO.

We must hand it to Geoff Emerick and George Martin for their use of limiters, and the magical effect that limiting and natural tube compression had on the finished sound. Limiting made the crash sound like a gong, and it made tom fills sound thunderous.

There is so much more to the Beatles music than just instruments and amplifers. The guitar sound in "Revolution" might never have happened, had John not plugged directly into the console and cranked the treble attenuator.

It's so amazing to hear someone play "wrong" and have it sound so "right."


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