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Royal Kingdoms RP


"If you think that the world is centred around the Births and Deaths of Kings, the marching of armies and the howling of winter winds against the walls, then you should walk behind my shield walls, talk to my veterans and learn the truth. They know it and they are ready to defend it with their swords".

"Kings die, that's all the truth there is to it. Why should a King rule a kingdom when he is no better than the common soldier, why should his blood and his inheritance define his position in society? I fight to change this society because it is the Winter to my Summer and the Darkness in my light. I will give my life fighting for my ideas, that's everything you need to know..."

Join our little RP community, we just rebooted, so that new members can have a huge impact on the story. Hope to see you there~ Chris.

Royal Kingdoms RP

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