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Well affter 28 of the longest hours of my life he is back home safe and sound as of thursday evening We found him under a vacant house down the block getting him home was the hard part he did not want to be in his kennel again but i managed it and now i want to suggest next time soem one looses a kitty to search google for lost cat websites i found one that really helpede thier advice was
!. know your pet are they timid or outgoing this will help you know whjare to look
2. indoor only cats who get out will usually stay with in a five house-2block radious
3. keep calling
4. put out food and watter to coax your kitty home
5. Search high and low nooks and crannys use a flashlight
6. Silence can kill your cat may not anwser you at first keep trying if you just give up they may never break the silence and die becosue they are to scared to leave their hiding spot.
7 used kitty litter spread in your yard can help them find their way home.
8.if all else failss try aa live animal trap in our town you can get one on loan from the police
9. keep looking and calling & pray
10. even affter you find your kitty and cant reach it Be paitent get a book and sit near by or a favorite t oy to coax him ior her out with
these are the ones i rember most their are others out their but these work for me thanks Amber


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