Once this place used to hold the yin and yang scenery of Blossom Field. Now, there are miles of winding tundra. To the north, this tundra is cruel and dry, with wisping weaves of tall grasses. The ground is cracked and cold, and it hardly is ever moistened by dearly desired rainfall. To the south, the tundra becomes more prosperous - meadows of flowers and herbs grace the ground. Part of this connects near Elebeam Weargtreow - however it is an impassible field of poppy, which will put any wolf trying to cross it into a deep slumber, and eventually die.

Those looking to hunt here will find mice, snakes, and rabbits, along with pronghorns, bison, and javalinas.


Laugh all you want, It won't change the fact

Ears flick in annoyance at the female's words. Joker had been having a nice dream about being in a feild of squirrels. He had been stalking the squirrels, as soon as he launched himself in the air and was just about to crack the squirrel's neck her words pulled him back, up out of the dream and into reality. "Yes, I'm alright. Thank you very much!" He snapped at her without opening his eyes, in an effort to go back to his dream. It was no use. He opened his eyes, yawned, stretched , and whipped around to face the girl. "Sorry, I just-" He stopped, he had been expecting a pup or a teen by the way she spoke to him, instead he was looking at a white adult female. He narrowed his eyes and asked, What's your name?" As he waits for the girl to respond, he sits, looking earnestly at the unsuspecting rabbit just feet away from them.

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