Outdoor cat

Dear tabby thanks for the advice on my indoor kitty this time i have a question regarding my outdoor garage cat shes 18 mo's old and has a five -six week old kitten she was fine over the fourth and on the fifth when i gave her a special can of food but yesterday she was no whare to be seen norwas her kitten today the kitten is out and about but the mother is no whare to be found the mother is verry feral we feed her and claim her becouse she keeps the mouse and other pest populations down but i havent seen her sence around 4-5 pm on the 5th and am getting worried about her kitten who is also very feral to the point of not touchable Should I try trapping the kitten and sending it to our local shelter or should i wait a few more days and see if the mother dosent return the kitten dose eat solids but is aqwfuly young to be on its own as always thanks for any advice you can give Amber


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