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I learnt so much about the C130 from Stan and like to think that he gained some respect with my my desire to learn.

I recall that we put into Cocos with crook radar and it was pretty hot and I indicated to Stan that I would give him a hand to change it. I had a light two wheeled trolley which we cliped the APN 59 can onto then ran it down the ramp.

Stan was most inpressed as he was feeling the heats. He said if you want to learn more, I will teach to change the can and sat on the ground near the nose gear.

Few minutes later we have the can on the trolley and I positioned the new one in the well. Next thing Stan says
Who taught you to lock tie and I reported Jim Tully. His reply was good I do not have to get up there and check it.

Did many trips with Stan and learnt much.

in 2000 when at the E model farewell
STAN was talking and Saying "where have all my boys gone" and we started the first role on a table napkin. He said does this mean computers and I said yes. Well that rules me out, a couple of days later I get a letter saying "how do I learn".

Get onto tafe says I and they will send someone down to help.

A couple of weeks later I ring Mrs Stan and explained who I was and she said I know you, your the nice fellow who a sent a lovely woman from Tafe to set Stan up.

I and a lot of us wish you a good recovery and trust all goes well.



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