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Ft. Pierce "star player" Rocco is in town this week and playing of the Puryear Park court this Sunday night and Tuesday nights.........The IRS is conducting a audit on game 3 played Saturday morning. Mike and rookie player Levi defeated teams including Ricky/Scott K and Laca/Luis with an upset 60-1 odds win. How did they win? Mike displayed an uncatchable serve throughout the game and rising rookie star Levi practically caught everything....Luis' 5 games played today should make him an official player for statistics records. He is playing well ...Want to a hear a funny story? Last Saturday night, an employee at Magic Mike's pool/grill shop reported finding something very disgusting next to his parking space for his bicycle. Human poop. Yep! Human poop. We can't call it what it really is without a lot of XXX's and a warning from Boards to Go, but the owners weren't' happy. They had Magic Mike download the videos from one of the security cameras, and sure enough, at around 9pm that night, some dude did the dirty deed - caught fully on camera - bending over while smoking a cigarette at the same time!...My good buddy -"4 Decade Pro" Randy bought a Matt ball last Saturday night and is going to practice again to play jai-alai. He might become 5 decade pro now!!!!.........

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